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Karen Foster Nutrition

Energy & Fitness

Stay on top of your game every day with our exclusive Energy and Fitness products.

Herbalife24 Achieve Protein Bars

A deliciously simple approach to high-protein snacking. Made with simple nutritious ingredients delivering 20 g of high-quality whey and milk protein and 4 g of sugar. Making it easy to reach your nutrition and fitness goals without compromising taste. Whenever you need long lasting protein packed energy to fuel your active lifestyle - at the gym, at the office, or at home with the kids - Herbalife24 Achieve is there.

LIFTOFF Energy Drinks

Conveniently wrapped in individual pocket-size sachets, LiftOff™ is formulated with a blend of caffeine and B-vitamins to help provide support in energy production which helps you to stay alert and focus.

Formula 1 Sport

Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport is specifically formulated to cater for every athlete’s daily dietary needs. Provides a good source of quality protein derived from Milk Protein Isolate to help in the development of lean body mass and recovery.

CR7 Drive

Co-developed with Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7 Drive has been developed to rapidly fuel your workouts and enhance hydration. With natural flavours and colours, Herbalife24 CR7 Drive is a modern sports drink, light tasting and formulated to fuel the drive in all of us.

Rebuild Strength

For immediate and sustained muscle recovery with a blend of Whey and Casein proteins that helps to rebuild muscles over a multi-period of exercises.

Hydrate Energy Drink

Hydration is the key to a good performance. Refill your body’s electrolytes while staying hydrated with Herbalife24 Hydrate.

NRG Tablets

NRG tablets provide you with the benefits of one of nature’s most energising herbs - Nature’s Raw Guarana. Guarana can help provide an invigorating lift – it is easily absorbed and gets to work quickly.

Herbalife24 Program 1 Kit

Herbalife24 is a comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes 24-hours a day. We have surpassed industry standards of pre-, during- and post-workout nutrition to help you train, recover and perform like never before with all the nutritional support you need as an athlete.

  • Rebuild Strength

  • Formula 1 Sport

  • CR7 Drive

  • Hydrate

  • Herbalife24 branded drawstring bag and a Herbalife24 product brochure