Karen Foster Nutrition

Karen Foster Nutrition

Targeted Nutrition

Add Herbalife Targeted Nutrition products to your daily regime and give yourself a nutritional edge.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Herbal Aloe’s soothing properties support good digestion with organic nutrients found in the Aloe Vera plant in a refreshing digestive beverage.

Available in 4 flavours:

Active Fibre Complex

If you need more fibre in your diet, you might want to consider incorporating Herbalife Nutrition Active Fibre Complex as a part of your healthy diet. It contains a blend of insoluble and soluble fibre which helps to promote a sense of overall well-being by maintaining healthy digestion.

Probiotic Complex

Probiotic Complex has 4 billion probiotic organisms per capsule. Probiotics are micro-organisms that are a good form of bacteria. The digestive system usually includes both ‘good’ as well as ‘bad’ bacteria, which needs to be balanced to maintain optimal health.


Herbalifeline® is an excellent way to supplement your daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, with its exclusive blend of highly refined marine lipids containing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for cardiovascular health.


Calcium is required for healthy bones, teeth and skin, yet few adults obtain enough through their daily diets. Xtra-Cal assists with promoting strong bones and teeth and includes Vitamin D and Magnesium, for better calcium absorption and utilisation.

Joint Support

Support joint health with a specially formulated blend of Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Selenium, Manganese and Copper.

Calming Complex

Chamomile has been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve nervous tension. Chamomile also supports a restful sleep.


RoseGuard® is beneficial for those who may not receive adequate intake of antioxidants through the daily diet. Keep your immune system strong and stay healthy all year long with our immune solutions.

Relaxation Tea

Relaxation Tea is a specially formulated herbal blend to help support relaxation. Lemon Balm is traditionally used to help cope with occasional stress, maintain a healthy mood and support restful sleep. Rest and rejuvenate with a cup of this calming tea.

Peppermint flavour - with a herbal blend of lemon balm, passionflower, lavender and chamomile.

Collagen Drink

Supplement your collagen intake everyday to nourish your body from within. With the additional benefits of antioxidant vitamins, selenium and biotin, this refreshing strawberry and lemonade flavoured drink offers a perfect blend of ingredients.